Homecoming – The ECE Alumni Meet

Homecoming 2015 (2)PROCEEDINGS FOR HOMECOMING, APRIL 5th, 2015:

 The ECE Alumni Association hosted its first
ever Alumni Meet on April 5th, 2015 in the presence of 250 invited guests including Heads of Academic Depart

ments, Faculties of ECE, Alumni and the ECE Student Body. The day started out as a sunny one with enthusiasm from all corners pouring in. Months of hard work of the Working Committee was put to test as in the first time in 18 years, the general student body delivered on the much needed task of the hour: the successful hosting of an Alumni Reunion.

When it comes to the 1st ever ECE Alumni meet of Netaji Subhash Engineering College, it had to be a grand one.          And yes, the working committee members indeed pulled of a grand event on the 5th of April, 2015.

The program startHomecoming 2015 (1)ed with a lovely chorus performed by the present ECE students. The Rabindra sangeet ‘Anandaloke’ was presented so well that it was enough to set the right tune for the rest of the program. If the chorus was the starter, the main course was yet to be served. The main program got underway with a brilliant performance by Ankita Ray Banerjee and Niloy Chakroborty, the 3rd year ECE-ians , who were brave enough to take a tough song like ‘Moner manush’ , but pulled it off brilliantly.

Homecoming 2015 (3)After the Bengali folk, it was time for some modern songs.And who could have been better other than Sukanya Ghosh and Surangana Das, again from ECE, 3rd year. Majhi re, the beautiful song of our very own Shaan and Samjhawaan, a wonderful romantic number from Arijit Singh was under their prejudice. Singing such smash hit songs is not at all easy, but the way, these two girls pulled them off, it seemed as if they had been singing in the professional arena for a long time. Their heart touching performance  was followed by a wonderful dance performance by our very own Sayari Roy, an ECE 4th year student.

‘Grace personified’, is what one would say after witnessing such a marvelous performance. But, the surprise of the day came from our veHomecoming 2015 (4)ry own Niladri sir, who just took the program to another level by performing 2 recent songs, Apur payer chap and Humdard. Our first years also made their presence felt. They not only turned out in huge numbers for the 1st ever ECE Alumni meet, but also performed in front the respected alumni, faculties and seniors, proving what they are capable of. Oindrila Ghosh and Sneha Chakroborty of 1st year, entertained the audience with ‘Jawl Phoring’ , the famous Shilajit song from the movie Hemlock society. They were well accompanied by Arpan Banerjee, a 2nd year ECE student. After the 1st years, it was the turn for their immediate senior, Jina Ghosh of 2nd year and Saoni Mustafi of 3rd year to present two highly famous numbers. They sang the songs ‘kahi to’ and ‘Raabta’ with such precision and sweetness that it attracted a huge round of applause from the audience. After such enthralling performances, it was time to finish this singing journey with a bang.

And yes, it did finish with a bang. Arpan Banerjee and nabanita Acharjee of 2nd year made the Alumni relive Homecoming 2015 (5)their college days, their days of fun with their friends through ‘Yaaron’ and ‘hai Junoon’, two biggest hits of KK. And then, finished the show off in an amazing way by singing ‘Ilahi’, the Arijit singh number which has won many hearts.That was followed by Magic show by our beloved teacher Mr Tapas Dawn and Drama by Swarnabha Dey,Saptarshi Mitra,Sheikh Akash Hossain,Dibyendu Sen,Soumik Majumder,Subhajit Paul,Suvajit Dey. Their mind boggling performance was indeed a perfect icing on the cake.